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    Event Description:

    Cash and prizes. Equal cash prizes for elite mens and womens. WPA sanctioned, points event. Portion of the proceeds to benefit Surfers Healing, The Karen Beasley Seat Turtle Hospital and the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club.

    Free Kids Race “The Turtle Race”: < 1 mile, accompanied by an adult. Run what ya brung. Each child will be accompanied by an adult paddler as a team.

    Recreational Race— “The Harbor Island Loop”:  3.5 miles. Mens, Womens, and under 18, Surf, Stock (12’6″), and 14′ divisions

    Open Race— “The Money Island Loop”: 8 miles. Mens and Womens Stock (12’6″), 14′ divisions

    Elite Race—”The Graveyard Race”: 12.5 miles around Wrightsville Beach. Mens and Womens Stock (12’6″), 14′ and unlimited divisions. Cash prizes for women’s 12’6″ and men’s 14′ divisions.

    Registration, sponsor, race events and schedule, and accommodation information to come.

    We’re happy to announce that Chuck and Karen will be bringing Paddle with the Pros to Wilmington, NC for the Carolina Cup on April 29, 30-May 1.

    More information to follow on times, dates and reservations. This will be an amazing opportunity to learn about this sport, develop skills and work on technique.

    Learn the basics and accelerate your paddlign skills at Chuck Patterson and Karen Wrenn’s SUP Clinic!

    “Stand Up Paddling is great because its fun, its easy and any body of water works as a place to do it.  Another appealing aspect about SUP is the great workout that becomes increasingly evident the longer a person keeps doing it.  Just being out on the water also has a subtle but powerful effect of raising one’s spirits, disposition and general well being. Karen Wrenn and Chuck Patterson, two of this new sport’s well known racers and spokespersons introduce people to Stand Up Paddling, offering the best instruction to beginners or anyone interested in improving through their SUP clinics.  Keep Paddling –Gerry Lopez

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