Gladiator Of The Week: Thomas “Maximus” Shahinian

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    One of the things I have been looking forward to since deciding to create this site, (and ended up being the inspiration behind the name) was getting to highlight special individuals who I believe have that Gladiator spirit.  Through their training, diet, victories, and many other accomplishments and exploits, these people really take the sport of Stand Up Paddling to another level.

    I have a long list of people which I would like to give this award too.  All are worthy.  In the end, I decided I had to go with Thomas for the Inaugural Award.  Not only does he fit the criteria for what I want this award to stand for, but with a name like “Thomas Maximus,” he just had to be first.  Plus, he has the uniform covered too! (see above)

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    Why Thomas?

    I don’t personally know Thomas all that well, but we have met and spoken on several occasions.  One thing I do know for certain though…… Thomas doesn’t do anything half way.  When he gets into something, he gives it everything he has, and leaves nothing on the table  This includes Stand Up Paddling, Kiting, Outrigger Racing, and many other sporting activities. 

    I can also tell you it extends way beyond sports.  I have some friends Southern California who like to buy multiple real estate investments each year.  They have told me flat out, “Thomas is the best.”  They believe he stands out from the  rest because:

    “He is always available. He is always aware of the latest listings, as well as what’s about to come on the market. If what we want isn’t on the market, he will start hunting for properties that meet our criteria, and try and see if the current owners are willing to sell.” 

    “As for the sales side of the transactions, “He is just as aggressive at selling our properties, as he is as helping us buy them.  Plus, he is very creative at marketing our listings.  All in all, he is probably the best we have ever worked with.”

    As you can see, the common theme here with Thomas, is extreme dedication, to anything he puts his mind too.  That is why we feel he is the exact type of person we want to highlight with this award.


    Did you know?


    – Thomas is one of the Founders of the Stand Up Paddle Alliance organization, which was created to fight for the rights of Stand Up Paddlers.

    – Thomas is the very first person (at least that I am aware of), to ever get a ticket for Stand Up Paddling.

    – He is the guy in the Quickblade Ads, jacking his truck up with his paddle, to change the tire.



    Thomas “Maximus” Shahinian Location: San Clemente, CA Age: 41, Occupation: Real Estate Sales.(

    15 years Racing Outrigger including SUP in 2009. Competing in over 22 SUP races in 2010 in California and across the country from Hawaii, Seattle to NYC extending across the Globe to South Brazil.

    Preferred SUP Board Class: Unlimited.

    Creator of SoCal Outrigger & SUP Race Schedules.

    Founding Charter Member of Stand Up Paddle Alliance.

    Training: Paddling 5-6 days/wk. & Gym/Strength Training 5 days/wk. and crosstraining with SUP Surf, Mtn. Biking, Kitesurfing & Beach Workouts.

    Quotes: Make it Happen! Who do you know Buying or Selling Real Estate?…Call Me!



    Race Results

    1/29 Hanohano/Huki San Diego 1st Place Overall

    12/18 Tecolote 5000, San Diego 2nd Place 1st Masters Overall

    12/4 Becky Stuart Oceanside 5 Mile Race 1st Overall

    11/25 Maui Jim Thanksgiving 4 Mile Race 1st Overall

    11/13 La Jolla 8.5 Mile Race 1st Overall

    11/6 Parker, AZ 10.5 Mile Race 1st Overall

    10/30 LBC Grand Prix Halloween 3 mile Sprint 1st Overall

    10/9 Lake Havasu 9 Mile 1st Place Overall

    10/4 Battle of Paddle 10 Mile Distance SUP 2nd 40+ 6th Overall

    9/25 Hennessey San Diego International SUP 1st 40+ 2nd Overall

    9/12 Seattle 13 Mile Race around the Rock 1st Overall (Course Record Time)

    8/13 28 Mile SEA/NYC SUP ELITE Race 1st Overall (Course Record Time)

    7/19 HOLUA Sponsored Bali SUP Aloha Expedition

    7/17 San Clemente Ocean Festival 1st Team Relay /Gallagher/ Gulf Support

    7/10 Hennessey US Championship 1st Place 40+ 2nd Overall

    6/26 Wind & Sea 15 Mile SUP 2nd Overall

    6/12 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii (Competed Sick)

    6/5 Hobie Dana Pt. 1st Place 40+ 3rd Overall

    5/30 Coronado Island 12 Mile Loop 1st Place Overall

    5/1 Paddle for Humanity Dana Point 2nd Place Overall

    4/24 28 Mile Solo SUP Maui to Molokai

    3/28 Catalina Island to Dana Point 39.8 Miles Team Relay 1st Overall (Course Record Time)

    3/13 Dana Mickey Munoz Mongoose Team Relay 2nd Overall

    2/21 Brazil RED BULL 18K SUP Paddle Cross 2nd Place Overall

    12/19 SUP San Diego Tecolate 5000 1st Place

    12/5 SUP Oceanside 5mile 1st Place

    11/14 SUP LaJolla 5 mile 2nd Place

    10/3 SUP 2009 Battle of the Paddle (Injured at Start)

    9/26 Hennessey’s International Championships 9.5 mile 1st Place. (*2009 SUP International Overall Champion in San Francisco )

    8/16 SUP Lake Tahoe 7 Mile 2nd Place

    7/18 SUP SC OceanFest 6Mile 3rd Place

    7/11 Hobie/Hennessey USA Championships 6Mile 1st Place age 40+ 2nd Place Overall


    Online Coverage of  Thomas’ races over the last 12 months

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