Hal Rosoff Classic–Newport Beach, CA.

    As many of you may know, Hal Rosoff Classic, took place this weekend in Newport Beach, Ca.

    In the spirit of “Guess you had to be there,” there isn’t a whole lot of information about the race that took place.  Some Facebook stuff and tons of photos, but not much else.   I will update you with what I have though, but most of it is anecdotal.

    From what I have been told, there were 200 paddlers in this years event.  In case you are wondering, that is up significantly from the last event, which was held in 2009.  According to friends who spoke with some of the organizers, the number of Stand Up Paddler’s in that years race was 15.  I would say that is pretty amazing growth.

    You can get the full results by clicking the link below.  I will try and summarize the results the best I can, but they aren’t exactly in order on the final score sheet, and the categories are a bit confusing.  Hopefully I got it right.  If not, leave a comment at the bottom and I will fix it.

    Final Results for the Hal Rosoff Classic 

    As for some highlights, Danny Ching came in first overall, and first for Unlimited.  Thomas Maximus was right on his heels for second in unlimited. 

    As for 14’ class, EJ Johnson got first place, and John Becker got 2nd place.

    In the men’s 12’6 class, Anthony Vela looks to have gotten first place, and Tyson Poppler ,second. 

    In the women’s division, Suzy Smazzulla looks to have come in first in the over 12’6 class, and Kristen Thomas came in first in the 12’6 and under class, with Andie Johnson right behind her.

    One of the coolest things about going to a race like this, is seeing all of the nice new boards.  From the pictures I have seen so far, the two that really caught my eye, are David Boehne’s new “Lakers Inspired” Infinity, and Candy Apple’s new Bark.  Both are pretty sweet looking.  Pics of both below.

    Video courtesy of OnItPro

    Pics courtesy of OnitPro, Victory Kore Dry, and SUP Love.


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