Take your Stand Up Paddling to another level by adding a Kite

    This is an idea I have been intrigued by for some time.  I have never kited, but I have always wanted to.  Once I got into SUP, the desire to try and ad that element to it just seemed to make sense.  In this video, he appears to be using a standard kite.  Down below, I have included some information on a Kite that was designed specifically for use with a Stand Up Paddle Board.  In the end, its all about the glide.  This is just another route to take to get there. 


    SOURCE from F-One Kiteboarding Americas on Vimeo.

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    Winds ranging 6 to 12 knots are really difficult to exploit and gear like foils can maybe help you ride but are not that easy to use.  Riding a SUP with a kite is great. In fact, feeling this big board taking off and floating above the water is really cool. Jibes provide a great feeling because they are done unhooked with constant pressure, much like doing a bottom turn. Most of the riding on a SUP is easily done unhooked and strapless, techniques that are reserved only to advanced kiteboarders. Cruising and long distances are also a possibility especially during summer when it is sunny and warm, including all the tricks such as going backwards and doing 360s on the board and many others. For a kitesurfer, this is the board and the kite for summer months with the advantages of also being able to practice SUP separately… This new concept has two sides: it can either be thought of as a hobby or a more radical sport. 


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    Manufacturer: F-One Kites




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  • Ketan 02.16.2011

    I love the idea of the kite – but I can’t imagine how much expertise you need to be able to do it. I take it that you have to be an intermediate SUPer ? Seems like a great upper body workout as well..

  • I don’t think its as much about your SUP’ing ability as it is your overall balance, and ability to control that kite. Controlling it in variable winds seems like a chore. Once you master it though, sure looks like a ton of fun.

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