SUP Surfing compliments of an Oil Tanker wake–C4 Crew
  •  When people think of surfing in Texas, they automatically think of oil tanker surfing.  I guess pretty much every surfer on the planet has seen Step Into Liquid.  I can’t go anywhere outside of Texas and not get asked about this, when a surfer finds out I Stand Up Paddle or surf.  Turns out we actually do occasionally get waves in the gulf, without the help of massive ships. 

     Regardless, people are still intrigued by the prospect of rding a tanker wave.  This video clip is from the C4 crew.  Unlike the guys from Step Into Liquid, these guys use a paddle.  Looks like it helps too. 

     I have also heard the guys from Infinity have been to Port Aransas and Tanker SUP’ed.  Trying to get confirmation and see if they have any footage or photos they can share.  In the meantime, enjoy this.


     C4 Oil Tanker SUPing

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