SUP Couple of the Year–Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg (via SUP Connect)

    Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg, Sup Couple of the Year 2010

    Congratulations Dan and Nikki!  Thank you also to Andre who listened to a small group of us, who felt it was a category worth pursuing.  The best part of this award, is it truly went to a “SUP Couple.”  What I mean by that is, you almost can’t think of one of these two individuals, without also thinking about the other one.  As good as they are individually, they are even better as a team, in my opinion.


    Via SUP Connect

    SAN DIEGO, California – After a highly contested challenge, Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg, one of the event’s favorites, clasped the first ever title of Sup Couple of the Year. This was one of our fiercest competitions and there were plenty of surprises along the way. First, the audience submitted a great amount of nominations to be considered for the title. And second, some of the wild cards had an impressive amount of support and rose to the top, almost overtaking some of the other more established names. But with all that said, let’s take a look at our winners.
    Once all the ‘likes,’ ‘comments’ and ‘wall posts’ were counted, making Gavere and Gregg the popularity winners, we then looked at their record to see if their audience feedback matched up with their resume in the sport. And sure enough, it did. The three criteria used in this second-stage assessment, just like with the previous challenges, were: community involvement, ambassadorship, and performance, with the latter not weighing nearly as much as the former two. By community involvement, we simply mean a regular attendance at stand up paddle events, for we want to ensure that the Sup Couple is not purely a media creation with very little personal, grass roots touch to their profile. As to ambassadorship, it’s adding a productive, cheerful and welcoming attitude to their community involvement. And finally, performance is in place to make sure that the Sup Couple, as a standard bearer for the sport, is proficient and competent in stand up paddling.

    Go to SUP Connect to see the rest of the story and leave some comments.  There is also some videos worth taking a look at.

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