Don’t miss this – Gulf Coast SUP Championship (May 21-22)


    The Details

    If I was to come up with a list of 5 Races I would not want to miss during the year, this would easily make that list.  Not only is the Elite Race stacked with the top pros in the sport, but you also have the opportunity to learn from Dave Kalama and Candice Appleby in their respective clinics.   

    If that’s not enough, you will also get a chance to hang out with Brody Welte and Jeff Archer, who have to be two of the coolest people in the entire sport.    On top of that, Madeira Beach is awesome from what I keep hearing. 

    As for the prize money, that would equate to $10,000 in total.  There will be 5 races during the two day event. The event is also WPA sanctioned, for those who are registered. 

    Here is a short video clip with Brody talking about the event, and some highlights from last years race.

    Here is the link to the site, which has quite a bit more information.  You can register there too.  Sponsorship opportunities are still available, according to Brody.


    The Challenge


    One thing I am going to officially ask Brody to consider.  I think he should organize a relay race where paddlers from different states compete against each other. 

    I could very easily see California, Hawaii, North Carolina, and Florida all come up with some very competitive teams.  I would love to see a winner take all race with a roster like this one (assuming these folks are all coming).

    Florida – Justin Cook, Brody Welte, and Packet Casey

    North Carolina – William Pope, John Beusang, and Chris Curry

    Hawaii – Dave Kalama, Slater Trout, and Candice Appleby

    California – Brandi Baksic, EJ Johnson, and Chuck Patterson

    While at first blush the Hawaii and California teams look stacked, I would not be the least bit surprised to see either the Florida or North Carolina teams win it.  Those guys from the East Coast are better than many people realize.

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