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    StandUp and support Japan.  With the recent tragedy in Japan, We are doing our part to try and raise money for those in need. 100% of all profits on the below items will be donated to the charity of your choice.  Below we’ve listed 3 charities whose efforts we support.  To select a charity enter the corresponding promo code upon checkout…

    American Red Crossredcross


    International Medical corpsmedcorp


    American Red Cross: Supporting disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific

    Mercycorps:  Works with their close Japanese partner, Peace Winds Japan, who continues to deliver emergency supplies, including tents, blankets, instant rice and other foodstuffs to families evacuated from homes in the tsunami-devastated city of Kesennuma.

    International Medical Corps: An emergency response team who are currently on the ground in Japan and are coordinating with local officials to support response efforts.  The team is assessing post disaster conditions and prepping critical supplies for delivery to the earthquake zone.  They will focus their efforts on earthquake and tsunami affected communities that have not yet been reached.

    Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person’s life…


    You Can Help The Relief Effort in Japan

    By Boardworks– March 16th, 2011Category – News

    Donate at the link at the bottom of the page

    The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Japan on March 11, 2011, triggering a deadly tsunami, has left a massive path of devastation and has put Japan in a complete state of emergency. The death toll may reach 10,000 and thousands remain missing. It is estimated that roughly 100,000 children have been displaced and are at extreme risk. Eiji Suzuki of Boardworks Japan stated, “As days have gone by after Earthquake and Tsunami, we are beginning to see how bad the situation is.  Basically a quarter of Japan has collapsed and is effecting the other three quarters.”

    As we watch the tragic results of this catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Japan we feel compelled to help.  Many of us who live in the global coastal community, either in residences or businesses, can see just how devastating an event like this can be.  As surfers we are acutely aware that we live on a small planet and are all connected by the water and the waves that we ride. A tragedy on one side of the world is a tragedy for all and we must do what we can.  We have tried to come up with a plan in which Boardworks will give, and that will also enable others to help as well.

    Boardworks has announced a plan to raise $10,000 for the Save the Children Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief effort. Mike Fox from Boardworks states, “We will donate a portion of the sale of the our next 500 boards ($20 per board) to The Save the Children to help them in their role providing disaster relief in Japan.  We are happy to announce that many of our shapers, manufacturers and distributors will join us in our effort.”  You can help too.  We have also created a donation page on our website that will send funds directly to Save the Children for their effort in the Japan disaster response and will tally up the donations in real time.  We have started with the initial donation of $2500.  To donate through the site use the donation badge at the bottom of the page or go to:

    We realize that our effort pales in comparison to the scope of the disaster. But the international surf community is small and committed. By working through Save the children we can all know that we are supporting an agency that really does make a difference and is dedicated to the same set of principles that we all embrace. Please do you part: you can help!”

    About Save the Children

    Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in the United States and around the world. Recognized for their commitment to accountability, innovation and collaboration, Save The Children’s work takes them into the heart of communities, where they help children and families help themselves. Save the Children works with other organizations, governments, non-profits and a variety of local partners while maintaining their own independence without political agenda or religious orientation.

    When disaster strikes around the world, Save the Children is there to save lives with food, medical care and education and remains to help communities rebuild through long-term recovery programs. As quickly and as effectively as Save the Children responds to tsunamis and civil conflict, it works to resolve the ongoing struggles children face every day — poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease — and replaces them with hope for the future.  For more info go to

    IMPORTANT: make  sure you designate your donation to Japan Disaster Relief when you fill out the form

    You will receive and email confirmation for your donation for tax purposes

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