Amit Inbar tearing it up in Israel! via Ran Kalif

    Several times per week I get emails from people around the world, asking me to post something or promote something for them.  More often than not, I don’t think its something our readers would get anything out of, so I don’t post it.  Every once in a while, I get some really good stuff sent to me.  Here are some videos I got from a guy named Ran Kalif, which I think are really good.  They are of a SUP Surfer named Amit Inbar.  I believe most if not all of these videos were shot in Israel.  According to Ran, Amit is one of the best wave riders in all of Israel.  One of the main goals of this site is to highlight people have top tier talent, but may not have the same exposure as the top tier guys.  Based on what I have seen in these videos, Amit seems to be one of those guys.  I also must say, I like the look of his boards.


    Here are the videos, along with some commentary from Ran.


    Amit Inbar in Herzelia after a stormy 4 meters swell. The lineup was loaded with surfers, making it a bigger challenge for a single SUPer in the water, Amit is one of the best wave riders in Israel and he charges the waves even in crazy conditions.  I was standing on a big rock just 50-60 m from the pick having to cover the video cam every 30 seconds or so due to the waves breaking just in front of me. It was one of the biggest storms ever hitting or coastline. The SUP board is an 8’9 quad.



    Amit Inbar rips it on a stormy day at Caesarea power station wave spot, Israel. This spot is the choice, due to the southern blocking dock, when it is still windy from the south, but the waves are already good. This spot used to be a  surfers only, but since the SUPs popped up…well now there is a problem :-)  To take the shots I had to jump over the rocks constructing the dock, into the deep ocean, not an easy task at all with all this cams and gear.
    It took me more than 20 min of rock juggling just to locate myself in front of the scene. The SUP board is an 8’9 quad proto.



    This clip was taken at one of my favorite surf spots, The Casino, up north. It is a rocky bottom in front of an old unfinished casino concrete building. We use to  kitesurf  the waves here with surfboards when the wind is just right during the winter season, which is quite rare I must say. That day it was quite choppy and the  current was very strong, forcing the surfers to battle against it on the way back to the lineup, but who cares…Amit rips it on a 7’4 wood stick proto.



    Amit Inbar rips it on a 8’9 quad proto SUP at my home spot, just 15 min from my backyard. It was a day after a big storm, leaving behind a six foot swell and some     messy ocean. All the surfers were surprised to see a SUP on a day like this, as it was quite choppy and messy ocean with no channel left to pass to the lineup.   Not an easy day for sure, but again, who cares…



    Amit inbar and friends ripping it on a local reef brake at the arabic Jasser-a-Zarka village , Israel. This is a very special spot for me, it was the first time filming there. The fishermen, the reef, the authentic mid-eastern scene – all these provided lots of materials to produce something unique. At times, this reef can deliver a clean, nice peeling right but it does not hold high swell while nothing happens when it is just a bit too low – so you have to be lucky.

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