Final Results on “What Brand of Board/s do you own?” Polls are in

    Below is the data on the poll we ran, asking our readers what type of boards they owned.  The biggest surprise for me, is that of the boards that were specifically called out, Bark had the highest response.  Considering Bark is a premium custom board manufacturer, I wasn’t expecting such a high turnout.  I will run this survey again at some point, but next time I will split out “Bark Custom” and “Bark Surftech” as two separate items.  Would be good to see what the spread is between the two.  I may do the same thing form Paddle Surf Hawaii and the Boardworks version.

    Another big surprise for me was that no one who responded owned a Naish.  Considering how many boards Naish sells, that really surprised me.


    Other answer… 21.05%
    Other 14.04%
    Bark 12.28%
    Surftech 10.53%
    Paddle Surf Hawaii 10.53%
    Yolo 8.77%
    C4 Waterman 8.77%
    Tahoe SUP 5.26%
    Starboard 3.51%
    Hobie 3.51%
    Infinity 1.75%
    Hovie 0%
    Naish 0%

    Here are the other boards that were manually typed in.  Some of these appeared multiple times.

    Ron house




    Danai 14′

    Pelagos designs

    404 12’6″

    Lahui Kai Orca


    Tahoe SUP

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