Punta Sayulita Wrap Up by Mike Rauber of SUP Junkie

    These two posts were provided by Mike at SUP Junkie.  Thanks for sharing Mike!

    Also want to congratulate Slater Trout for winning both the Elite Race and the Long Distance Race.  Can you say complete Domination?



    Trout, trounces the competition!

    MARCH 12, 2011 BY Mike Rauber

    Me getting ready for the start of the race.

    Today in Sayulita, the short course race took place and by the title of this post, it’s pretty apparent that the golden boy of SUP, Slater Trout, took charge and blew away the competition. Anthony Vela took second though he was unable to make it a tight race. Behind Vela was Zane Schweitzer of Hawaii. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the complete results but hopefully they will be forthcoming. As is the norm in racing these days, what was suppose to be a 6k race turned into a 6.5 mile race with 4 beach runs. It was exhausting!

    For me the highlight was battling back and forth with Gerry Lopez much of the race. At one point he was drafting me for quite a while and bumping into me. I was about to turn around and drop an “F Bomb” to get him off my ass, until I discovered it was him, Mr. Pipeline. I finished within a couple minutes of Candice Appleby, so I felt pretty good overall. Not sure what my placing was yet. It was warm and the course was a bowtie shape, so we had a lot of turns, as always I swear I’ll practice and master them!

    Me with the short course champ, Slater Trout!

    Me running the gauntlet.

    Me, Fernando Stalla (Sayulita) and Zane Schweitzer Hawaii

    Me and Mr. Pipeline, Gerry Lopez

    Chuck Patterson and I after the race, all smiles!

    Photo just before Slater’s first heat in the SUP

    The stand up surf contest was pretty cool, although small surf hindered these pros. There is a really deep field of experienced pro’s and youthful hopefuls. Ryan Helm, a Sayulita local seems a shoe in to win the whole thing. His 360′s, helicopters, rail slides, and a lot of maneuvers I don’t know how to describe are amazing. He seems to blend and blur the line between surf, SUP, snowboard and skateboarding. Until now, I haven’t really seen anything like it!

    Tomorrow are the semifinals and finals for the stand up surf and the long SUP race!


    Adios Mexico…….Sayulita weekend wrap up


    Chuck’s Big Laugh with Riggs Napoleon

    This weekend in Sayulita was a genuinely an incredible experience. Only in Mexico do you have an event with real grass roots feel that included some of the best surfers, stand up surfers, and SUP racers in the world! I have to admit, that if I didn’t know anything about SUP before this weekend, I certainly would have been a convert by the end. The small fishing village provided the perfect backdrop for a very cool event where the local hot doggers and the strong mix of surfers from around the globe could converge and share the Aloha spirit. The folks of Sayulita, event sponsors, and organizers did an awesome job with what is sure to become one of the most popular SUP events and will permanently be on my calendar!

    Corona Barge

    Anthony Vela getting ready for the long course

    Race Finish with Jerry

    Sundays long course race was a challenge. After the demanding short course on Saturday, Sunday’s race was a first for me in the fact that I raced back to back days. The race was a little mundane and the lack of downwind didn’t help any. In some ways the motivation for me came from the fact that Jerry Lopez latched on to my tail from the get go. There’s something about having “Mr. Pipeline” drafting you and in my mind relying on me to pull him to the finish. Dave Boehme’s mental trick of repeating “Don’t be a P*ssy”, never rang more true. I kept thinking that I can’t let Jerry think I’m a Wuss!

    Post race with Jerry Lopez Corona Girls

    Pre Race Long Course

    Slater admiring my new 12’6, Infinity Cutter

    So the kid did it again. Slater managed to fight off Anthony Vela for the second day in the long course race Sunday, to sweep the weekend races. Anthony looked really good and was right on his tail, at least through the half way mark and beyond. Anthony looked to be in good form in both races, but Slater seemed to have too much gas in the tank for him. From the looks of it, Slater plans on giving Danny Ching and Jaime Mitchell a run for their money in the Battle of the Paddle, should be interesting!

    Spectators enjoying the days events

    My favorite Fish Taco restaurant

    Infinity Team Rider, Slater Trout

    In the SUP surf event, we were treated to two days of impressive performances. New San Diego resident and professional surfer Sean Poynter pulled off the win. Poynter’s powerful cutbacks and carving turns impressed the judges who gave him the nod over Sayulita local Guillermo Cadena AKA Tigres. Tigres, like many of the other locals has a bag full of tricks that includes 360′s and other maneuvers more often seen at the local skate park. Garrett McNamara was able to secure a third place finish. I look forward to seeing Garrett in his element, most notably waves the size of city buildings. Complete race and surf results can be seen here.

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