Quiksilver Amphibian’s–The Ultimate Boardshorts for Paddlers

    It’s that time of year again, where all the clothing manufacturers are updating the summer line up.  For the surfing brands, its all about Boardshorts this time of year.  For those who are like me and don’t want to have to change multiple times during the day, depending on if you are running errands or going paddling, Quiksilver has the solution for you.  They are called the “Amphibian’s.”  Quicksilver came out with them last summer, but has just updated them for 2011. 

    I originally found them in the Quiksilver store in Waikiki.  I bought 2 pairs at that time, and then later bought a third, to complete the collection.  On the surface, they look just like regular walking shorts.  They have regular pockets, with ample space for keys, camera’s, cell phones, and a wallet in your back pocket.  They even come complete with belt loops, should you need them. 

    Here is what Quiksilver has to say about them.

    “Is it a boardshort or a walkshort? It’s both! At home in and out of the water, these shorts are the perfect choice for surf trips where you want to travel light or want to be ready for whatever the day might bring.”

     Schooled 22    Schooled 22

    This particular pair, shown above, is called “Schooled.”  Of the 3 designs from last year, this is my favorite.  It uses their “Diamond Dolby” fabric.  It is really stretchy and comfortable.  It isn’t just my favorite boardshort, it is my favorite pair of shorts, period.

    As I mentioned earlier, Quiksilver has just updated their line with this year’s models of the Amphibian’s, so that means you can get a deal on last years.  This pair (shown above) was selling for $54 when I bought them, and now they are down to $41.  Since they aren’t really a wild pattern, I don’t think anyone would notice or think twice about the fact that these are last years model, and if they do, who cares?  All I can tell you is, I love these boardshorts.  I have been a Billabong guy for as long as I can remember, but Quiksilver has convinced me to switch allegiances. 

    Before finding the Quiksilvers, I purchased  a couple of pairs of O’Neill’s version of this “Hybrid” type of short/boardshort.  To tell you the truth, I am not as impressed with them.  They are decent shorts, but the front pockets aren’t as deep, and there are no back pockets.  The one advantage of O’Neill’s which might appeal to some paddlers, is their shorts have zippers on the pockets. This allows you to make sure your belongings are more secure.  If you are paddle surfing, this is likely more important, than if you are cruising or just getting some exercise, since you will no doubt be in the water more often.

    For the complete lineup, hit the link below.  Last year there were 3 models to choose from.  Right now, until last years are gone, there are at least 11.


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