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    When I first ran across the ad for the GoofBoard on Surfline, I was instantly intrigued.  I had already purchased a round saucer shaped balance board at my local sporting good store.  I  had also been eyeing the Indo Board for a while. That product looked interesting to me at first, but after looking into it further, I became convinced the GoofBoard’s design was a better simulation for Surfing, and other aspects of Stand Up Paddling.  What I mean by that is, with the Indo and other boards I looked it, it simulates a teeter-totter rocking motion.  The GoofBoard simulates a rail to rail type of motion, which better resembles the surfing eGoof Board Product Shotexperience.

    Upon getting one in and using it for a couple of days, I can say it has easily met or exceeded my expectations.  The biggest surprise was how hard it was to balance on it at first.  It didn’t look that hard in the videos, but it definitely took some time to get used to it.  Once you start to get the hang of it though, you start to get that sense of accomplishment that comes when you realize you are now doing something that you couldn’t do before.

    The cool thing about the design of the GoofBoard, is the deck is wide enough, I can practice the traditional Stand Up Paddle Stance, as well as the surfer stance.  To me having the flexibility to do both was a real plus, since most others really focused more on just one stance.

    Another benefit of the GoofBoard, that I didn’t count on, is how much fun the family is having with it.  We all took turns on it last night for 45 minutes or better, trying to one up each other.  My kids have been using it for hours tonight, balancing while they watch TV, and talking trash to each other over who could maintain balance the longest. 

    I am really stoked to get to the ocean and see how much of a difference all of this indoor practice is making.  I think it will help me and the kids quite a bit, but in the end, my wife will likely benefit the most.  She had the hardest time balancing on it when she first started trying.  Plus, she is a decent flat water paddler, but she struggles in the surf.  It will be interesting to see how much she has grown, after using the GoofBoard for a while.  After just 20 minutes last night, I could already see her balance improving and her confidence in it growing.

    Who should use the GoofBoard?

    Anyone who wants to improve their balance for Stand Up Paddling or Surfing.

    Which aspects of SUP will benefit the most from using a GoofBoard?

    After careful consideration, I think all aspects of the sport will benefit, but I think SUP Surfing, River SUP’ing, and SUP fishing would be the biggest beneficiaries.  I think people who like to do Yoga on the board would like it too.

    What Makes GoofBoard Different from the other Balance Boards out there?

    Its design simulates surfing better than any of the others I have seen.  Plus, in addition to being able to practice the Surfer Stance, you can switch to a more traditional Paddle Stance, making the design more flexible than others.

    Where Can I Get One?

    Go to and you can buy them directly from the manufacturer for $129.  That is currently $10 off the normal price,  as they are also running a special right now. (Details below)

    What if I don’t like it?

    The manufacturer is offering a full refund if you don’t like it after 30 days.  They will even pay for the return shipping.  (Details below)


    I really like the GoofBoard.  It isn’t cheap at $129.00, but I think over time its well worth it.  It is built really well, and I think it will last a while.  Plus, it really simulates the Surfing Feeling, balance wise.  All in all, if you use this regularly, I can’t see how you wouldn’t improve your surfing and Stand Up Paddling abilities.  Watch the videos below for a full demonstration.

    Overall Rating 

    Review Helmets 5 wide


    Review Helmets 4 wide

    Wingnut demonstrating the Goof Board


    From the Goof Board Website

    Goof Board . . . . . $139.00

    Use coupon code: 3CW7  for (limited time offer)

    Our no-risk guarantee . .

     Buy a GoofBoard . . . if you are not happy with your purchase (hasn’t happened yet), return it for a full refund within 30 days . . . we’ll even pay for the return shipping.  Same goes for gifts.  Applies to USA purchases, directly from this website only.

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