The 2011 Race Board “Spy Shots”

    On a recent trip to California, I got a chance to see several boards come out of hiding for the first time.  This is a time of year many shapers are trying out new designs, to get ready for the upcoming race season, and more specifically, the BOP in Hawaii and Dana Point.  I was really impressed with each of these designs.  I didn’t get to ride any of them, but just judging from the look of these boards, its going to make for an interesting race season.












    Russell Coble and Rob Rojas standing with Rob’s new “Make Rob Go Faster” unlimited board.  As you can see this one isn’t finished yet, but from what I hear it is lightning fast.  Really interesting drainage channels in the recessed cockpit.  Can’t wait to hear more details on this new Ohana  shaped “Rob Rocket.”



    P1010627     P1010628












    Riviera had this little gem sitting out in their shop when I stopped by.  I can’t give the details yet, but I thought I would show you the photos.  This might be the lightest board I have picked up yet.




    P1010640     P1010639

    The Boehne’s are working on a new Racer too.  This had a really nice water drainage system build into the deck.  Looks like a great Battle of the Paddle Board.  I wonder who will be “The Chosen One” who gets to ride it in the BOP?






    Anthony Vella was riding this one of a kind M&M Proto Board at the Santa Barbara Downwind Race this weekend.  I was really impressed with the look of the board, and its weight.






    If you have spent any time reading my blog, you have probably picked up on the fact that I am a big Bark fan.  I saw this little beauty out on the beach in Santa Barbara.  This is the board Joe raced on that day.  I have never seen a shape quite like this one from Joe.  The tail is different, the deck was different.  It looked like it had more rocker than my 14’ Dominator.  Can’t wait to see where he takes this design.

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  • Ketan 04.21.2011

    You are doing an awesome job of bringing so much together for SUP!

    Thanks again Casey!

  • Thanks Ketan. Glad to hear you like the content.

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