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  • Over the summer I went on vacation in the SUP Motherland of Hawaii.  We started off in Oahu, and eventually made our way to Kauai.  One day we were on the North Shore and I realized I had left my sunglasses (Oakley Polarized) in the hotel.  Not wanting to go all Screenshot 2011-04-26 at 5.12.31 PMday without a pair, I went into a surf shop on the North Shore scouting out my choices.  I found a rack that said KREED EYES on it.  My first reaction was that I didn’t want to spend the kind of money that “Kreed’s” were likely to cost me.  From a glance, they looked  comparable to other brands, such as Kaenon, or Maui Jim, which both make high quality eye wear products. 

    Upon flipping over the price tag, and preparing for the worst, I noticed the pair I really liked was only $24.  I was in shock.  They seemed like well made glasses for that price, plus they were polarized, meaning they have a special lens that is designed for removing glare, especially when on the water.

    I went ahead and purchased them, and went outside to rent a couple of SUP Board from them, so my wife and I could go for a paddle/surf.  The young kid that was running the rental counter must have Kreed eyes product shotcomplimented me on the pair 2-3 times.  He even went in to the store  and bought a pair (of the same ones I had purchased) while we were out on our paddle.

    Since that time, I have had more compliments on this pair of sunglasses than any other I have ever owned.  I have spent a ton of money over the years, on Oakley’s, Ray Bans, Vaurnet’s, and Maui Jim’s.  Kind of seems ironic that one of the cheapest pairs I have ever purchased, would be the ones people like best. 

    You may be asking why this is important.  I have been so impressed with the product, I reached out to the guys at Kreed Eye’s and asked them if I could do a product review.  They were thrilled at the prospect, since they have recently been working with Stand Up Paddler’s, such as EJ and Andie Johnson, as well as Brandi Baksic.  TheEJ Kreed reason we all like these glasses, is we can paddle with them without stressing about losing them the whole time.  They actually fit pretty well, so even in a fall, they tend to want to stay on.  The nice thing though, is even if you do lose them, you are not out $200, like I was after losing a pair of Oakley’s last summer on Lake Travis. 

    The quality is durable, the fit is fantastic, and the designs are current in styling and really nice to look at.  All in all they are a great value, even if you have already purchased a premium pair of glasses from one of the aforementioned sunglass manufactures above.  While I still wear my Maui Jim’s from time to time, It’s my Kreed’s that keep the sun off my eyes when I paddle.  I also take them on all of my trips, as traveling with sunglasses is risky business.   It has gotten to the point where I wear my Kreed’s more than my Maui Jim’s.  Part of this is because I travel and paddle a lot, so that makes a difference.  The other thing is, I really like the way Crush Screenshot 2they feel.  The Maui’s have a better lens, but its glass, which make the glasses heavy to wear, and less comfortable.

    Kreed is actually a brand, which is owned by Fortress Eyewear.  They also have a brand for the ladies, called “Crush.”  My wife has a pair of these, and they became her favorite shades immediately. 

    Summary and Conclusion

    So is you are a paddler, stand up or prone, you really should give these a look.  Their selection is massive.  When I stopped by their headquarters in Orange County, I was shocked at how many different styles they had.  It was rack after rack of unique shapes, styles, and colors.



    Quality of Lens and Construction

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    Styling, Appearance

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    Overall Rating

    Review Helmets 4 wide

    If you want to know more about Kreed or Crush sunglasses, go to this website., or if you would like to purchase a pair, go here

    You can also follow them on Facebook by going here!/kreedeyes

    I was able to talk them into sending me some extra pairs to give out to our readers as prizes.  Follow us on Facebook for details.

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  • Dani 05.03.2011

    I picked up a pair of Kreed’s 4 years ago at Trestles Surf Shop in San Onofre, Ca (around $30). To this day they are still the best, most comfortable and most stylish pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned.

  • What address do I send my sunglasses to be repaired? I have a pair of road warriors , need a new lens.

    Thanks Bruce

  • I am not affiliated with Kreed directly. I know they are based in San Clemente Ca. You should be able to find them on their website. if I remember correctly.

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