Ron House and Riviera Announce their new 14′ Hollow Carbon Race Board
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    If you recall, back in April I posted a story called “Spy Shots” that had some photos of prototypes for some upcoming board designs.  Infinity has started producing a version the board in my story and now Riviera launches theirs.  I was able to show you these photos at the time of the posting, but I promised to keep the details of the board quiet.  Well, now I have been given the green light to talk about it.

    It is a Ron House Shaped, 14’ Hollow Carbon board.  It weighs in at right around 22lbP1010628s without the fin.  I picked it up when I was there and it felt really light.  The shape looks impressive too.  I really like the recessed deck.  Not only is it good for lowering your center of gravity, I also like the raised edges for bracing my feet against, in rough waters.  In both cases, this results in more stability for the riders.

    For those who are familiar with the 404 Hollow Carbon 12’6 Board, this is made with the same process, just using a Ron House shape instead of a 404.

    Riviera has a post about the board on their blog if you are interested in reading more.  I have also posted a video by Rambo Films and Ron House, discussing the board in greater detail.  With any luck, I will be able to demo one of these boards soon and do a full review on it.



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