SUP or S.U.P. Pronunciation Poll
  • If you are like me, you get confused from time to time on the correct or most accepted pronunciation of the acronym for Stand Up Paddle.  Some people refer to it as a word (SUP, rhymes with pup), and other refer to it as the acronym, pronouncing it as S-U-P.  Since there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus on it one way or the other, I decided to throw up a poll and see where the general SUP community stands. 

    The results here are pretty clear, but you might find something different if you surveyed from a different user base, possibly in different parts of the world. 

    As for the results,  SUP (pronounced as a word) won by a huge margin.  This was a big surprise for me.  I figured it would be close between the two.  I wouldn’t even have been surprised if one of the other two answers came out on top. 

    Here are the results.  Drop a comment below if you like and feel free to share this on Facebook or your favorite Social Media Site.  Would be nice to get everyone on the same page as to what we all refer to the sport as. 

    SUP or S U P results


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