Gladiator of the Month–Rob Rojas
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    Its been a little while since we announced a Gladiator Award.  I have found that its takes much longer to do these than I originally anticipated, due to the time spent researching candidates, working around the recipients schedule, as well as my own travel schedule.  That all said, I am really Kristin Thomashappy to announce Rob Rojas as our latest recipient of the Award.  I have decided to start making these awards a monthly thing instead of a weekly thing.  So for our very first Gladiator of the Month Award, I am really happy to be able to give it to Rob Rojas. Along with the Gladiator Shirt, and Gladiator  Race Fin ($130 value), Rob will be receiving a $100 check from SUP Gladiator, to help with travel costs, equipment, or whatever else he wants. 

    Normally I conduct the interviews over the phone and type out the answers,  but with Rob I was able to do the interview in person and video record it.  The video is about 20 minutes long in total, but its worth a watch or listen when you have a chance.  Rob shares what is currently going on in his life and SUP P1010755career, as well as sharing some tips on his training regimen, as well as one of new workouts he has recently incorporated into his routine.

    The interview was recorded well over a month ago, so we didn’t really talk about his 24 hour paddle he just completed.  If you aren’t familiar with it, Rob and his friend Kyle both paddled for 24 hours straight, to raise awareness for the problem of Sex Slavery.  Rob is working with an organization called Love 146 ( to help put an end to this atrocity.



    So who is Rob Rojas?  What Makes him special?

    – He is a very dedicated husband and father. 

    – A man of God, who is not afraid to share his faith. 

    – He is an intense trainer.  This often includes getting up at 3 or 4am multiple times a week, as that is the only time his schedule will allow. 

    – He is a dominant racer, winning most races he enters.

    – He is about as Humble and “Real” as it gets. 

    Some of Rob’s recent highlights include:

    – Winning First Place Unlimited at the Hobie Hennessey in Dana Point

    – Winning First Place at the Key West Classic

    – Signing an endorsement deal with O’Neill and becoming their first paddle athlete

    – Having his own signature board and hat created by SUP Company

    – Completing a 24 Hour Straight Paddle to raise awareness for the Problem of Sex Slavery

    – Being featured on the upcoming National Geographic TV Show “Wild Justice.”

    And this is just in the last 2 months!

    My Favorite Rob Rojas Quote

    "I will wake up earlier, train longer, train harder, I will be cold. I will ache, I will cry, I will curse the sky. I will be in pain, I will train like I’ve never trained before. BRING IT!"

    Rob’s Sponsors Include

    – Ohana Paddle Boards

    – O’Neill

    – SUP Company

    – Allison Fin Company

    Rob Rojas Interview Part 1


    Rob Rojas Interview Part 2

    Congratulations Rob!


    Dave Daum



    David Haag


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    Photo Courtesy of David Haag

    Photo Courtesy of David Haag


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