You know you’re a SUP Junkie if……
  • If any of these apply to you, you might be a SUP Junkie.  If multiple apply, it’s a given (a.k.a. you’re one of us!)

     (List updated as of 1-23-12)

    1. You spend more money per year on SUP Gear and Accessories, than you do on your car.

    2. You cycle through your SUP Quiver more frequently than you do your wardrobe (you know who I am talking about William).

    3. Your friends and family have ever asked you if you have joined some type of cult.

    4. You see a body of water ANYWHERE, and all you can think about is how much fun it would be to  SUP on it.

    5. You have traveled more than a thousand miles this year for SUP Races.

    6. You have more fins for your boards, than you do belts for your pants.

    7. You subscribe to all 3 SUP Magazines, and go through withdrawals the months in between issues.

    8. You have more Paddle friends on Facebook, than real friends, who you have actually met in person.

    9. Every profile pic and avatar in your online world is of your SUP board, or you riding it somewhere.

    10. Have ever gotten the “Finology 101” training from Larry Allison, and called back for EVEN more information about fins.

    11. Refer to the Pope multiple times per week and your not Catholic.

    12. You get real irritable if you haven’t paddled in more than a week.

    13. You look up wind charts and forecasts more than twice a week.

    14. You know what Cantilever Flex means.

    15. You consider Laird Hamilton a better athlete and more influential than Michael Jordan.

    16. If you have ever spoken of “Slater” being one of the greatest surfers or watermen around, and you weren’t talking about Kelly.

    17. If Momma C knows you by name and you don’t live in Dana Point.

    18. Have taken 2 or more “Paddle Clinics” from the pros.

    19. If you have ever answered “Dave Kalama’s Blog” when answering the question “What are you reading these days?”

    20. If your most anticipated movie of the year is one of the new SUP films coming out this summer.

    21. If you plan your vacations around paddle destinations.

    22. If you see a story or post referring to “Chuck,” “E.J.” or “Maximus” and you know exactly who they are referring too.

    23. If you have 3 or more Stand Up Paddle T-Shirts or Hats in your closet.

    24. If you own a Luchador Mask and wear it proudly.

    25. Your favorite radio station is “Radio Chum.”

    26. You follow shipping and tug boat logs, and you are not in the import/export business (Rob Casey=Guilty)

    27. You have ever used the nose on your displacement hull board to break through the ice on the frozen lake you paddle on (burrr).

    28. You are trying to figure out how to install those cool looking LED running lights down the rails of your board, for night paddling.

    29. Invested in an inflatable SUP and its not your primary board.

    30. Have watched the same Battle of the Paddle event online, more than once.

    31. Know your shaper better than you know your co-workers.

    32. Paddle in anything below 50 degrees (F) or anything above 100 degrees (F).

    33. Haul your paddle and board with you on a cruise ship (alright guys, you got me).

    34. Spend upwards of $2000 on a machine that only “simulates” actual Stand Up Paddling.

    I am quite certain that this list is just the beginning.  Send us your additions via comments or our Facebook page, and the best ones will be added with your name (if you like).

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