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  • tierra_del_fuego_yellow I got a request from Ocean Sunglasses to do a product review on a specific pair that they felt were ideal for us Paddlers.  The set they sent me was called the Tierra del Fuego.  They told me these were their top sellers, and explained why with the following reasons:

    From the manufacturers

    They Look Good
    They’re Super Safe
    They’re Stylish
    They’re Versatile in the Extreme
    Very Good Anti-Fog Ventilation
    Super Comfortable
    They Even Float

    Ocean produces the best polarized lenses on earth. Ordinary polarized lenses corrupt your vision and don’t block nearly as much glare as they should. Ocean polarized sunglasses achieve 99% efficiency in blocking polarized light waves.

    The Tierra del Fuego have hydrophobic coated lenses which repel water along with oils and dust particles – your glasses will stay clean for longer. When they do get dirty, hydrophobic lenses clean easier than normal lenses.

    The comfortable, stylish, lightweight design is perfect for other sports as well.  You can use the Tierra del Fuego for hiking, cycling, basketball, kayaking, fishing, soccer, and surfing.

    Other Benefits of Ocean Sunglasses:
    Special atom lens material stops every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation.  UV protection cannot be scratched off
    Optical alignment for sharp, accurate vision
    Geometries that extend peripheral view


    My take on the glasses after 2 paddle sessions with them.


    • They were pretty comfortable to wear
    • I appreciate that they float.  I have lost several pairs of glasses on paddle trips, including a $200 pair of Oakley’s.
    • They exhaust air better than most glasses, which helps to keep them from fogging up.
    • The polarized lenses seem to be pretty good at reducing glare.


    • They are a little more expensive than some of the other glasses out there that have similar characteristics.
    • The way the foam is attached makes them look a little odd compared to normal glasses.  Not a problem, just something I noticed.

    You can find more information at the following web addresses:

    www.WearSurfGlasses.com and http://www.wearsurfglasses.com/Sunglasses-for-SUP.html

    tierra_del_fuego_blue tierra_del_fuego_green

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