Phoenix Rising–Infinity has a new Star in their lineup
  • 545370_388923207823661_1749684164_nIf you read my earlier post about Chris Hill joining Team Infinity, you already know part of the reason for his decision to join the Boehne’s in their quest to design the best surf boards on the planet.  What I left out of that story was the second component to this relationship.  Infinity will become the exclusive provider of Chris’ newly designed Mini Simmons SUP line, under the Phoenix brand name.

    These boards resemble a typical Mini Simmons template, but are sized more appropriately for SUP.  A typical configuration will be a Twin Fin setup (with an option for a 5 fin set up) using a Pro Box Fin System, and a set of Larry Allison Surf Fins, purpose built for the Phoenix Design.


    Notes from my conversation with Chris:


    “As I have gotten older, I have come to find that R&D is something I really enjoy, and as it turns out, I kind of have a knack for it. This relationship allows me to work with one of the Best Surf Companies in the World to develop a new line of SUP Surf Boards, which will be branded “Phoenix Paddleboards.” Dave Boehne has already had a ton of success shaping and selling Mini Simmons Prone Boards (Infinity Tombstones), so he really understands and appreciates the design elements of the Mini Simmons concept.

    While Dave has been focused on the prone side, I have been focusing more on bringing the Mini Simmons concept to SUP Surfing. After having a couple of conversations with Dave, he and I decided to join forces and collectively push these designs even further.”

    Proven Design

    311645_390795320969783_1571197853_nWhat Chris likely won’t tell you is the hours and hours he has spent refining this design with his local shaper, as well as countless hours working with Larry Allison, to dial in the right fin set up.  He has entered 3 Surf Competitions with this board and won all 3.  In fact, one of his customers entered a recent contest with his new Phoenix Board, and got 2nd place, right behind Chris.  Not bad; 3 contests, 3 victories.  Taking 1st and 2nd in the last one is just the icing on the cake.  Chris doesn’t like to toot his own horn, but clearly he is on to something with these Phoenix Boards. 

    One thing Chris and David Boehne (aka The Brown Blurr) both have in common, is their love for the Mini Simmons design concept.  Any time I talk to either one of them, and this topic comes up, their faces light up and their voice raises an octave.  You can just sense the excitement as 376828_10151099755348125_2144268834_nthey talk about memories of stellar sessions on these boards.  The two of them working together to further refine these designs over time, can only result in even greater things in the future. 

    For the record, I have caught the fever myself.  I have one Tombstone (prone/hybrid) and one Phoenix (SUP)  already on order with Infinity.  With the type of waves we get in Texas, these boards are ideal.  The Mini Simmons design is known for catching waves that other boards of similar length, wouldn’t catch.  When you consider most days in Texas are small, mushy and blown out, that is huge plus for me.  Plus these boards have a reputation for being super fast, and have a skateboard like feel to them.  All in all, they have a reputation for being a blast to ride.  I can’t wait!



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  • Now that I assume you have had the Phoenix board for a while, what are your thoughts? i have a 9′ Naish Mana that I love, but have prone surfed mini-simmons boards that went great in east coast surf….so I am interested in what a mini-simmons inspired SUP would be like. Any thoughts/reviews would be appreciated.

  • Daniel,

    Somehow your comment got sent to the spam folder, so I am just now seeing this. I am loving my Phoenix. I would recommend a smaller board though, if you are a decent to really good surfer. Given our crappy conditions here on the Gulf, and my limited abilities, I decided to go big and wide. It is perfect for me, but it would not be responsive enough for most people.


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