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    This is a product I was excited to get my hands on, as I live across the street from a lake, but its several hundred yards to the water, over some less than ideal terrain.  My wife and I had purchased a product similar to this a couple of years back, but it had some drawbacks that prevented it from being a good solution for us.  The main one being the lack of a way to break the product down and take it with you on the water.  The launch area we were using at the time was also 300+ yards from the water, and since it was a park, we were always nervous about leaving the wheels on the beach, hoping they would be there when we returned. 

    The alternative was to take the set of the wheels back to the car, which we refused to do because of the long walk back and forth multiple times per session.  The clear solution was to allow the unit to break down and attach it to the board, and just take it with you.

    Enter SUP Wheels.




    In addition to solving one the main problems with the other wheeled solution we bought (breaking down), it also solves another.  The wheels are taller, and allow for more clearance, which is important for us, given some of the terrain we have to traverse through to get to the water.  They also incorporated “Never go flat” tires.  This is a nice touch.  It makes the ride a little bumpier, but its better than the alternative, of needing to use the wheels, only to find out you have a flat. 

    I can’t really find any real downsides, other than the fact one of these things will set you back $139.  It’s a little more than some people might be willing to go, but its made in the U.S.A. so at least you know you are getting a solid product that is not likely to fall apart after a few months use.  Plus, if you need something like this, you are likely more than happy to pay it, to save your back, neck, arms, etc. from long carries back and forth.  I did some looking at current competitive products, and they all seem to be over $100 anyway.  Plus, I paid $110 for the other one I bought, and we used it exactly once, due to the limitations mentioned above.  In the end, you get what you pay for,  so you might as well get the best of one of the bunch (IMO) from


    1 SUP-Wheels-Never-go-flat


    Here is some info from the manufacturer 

    The current version handles 98% of the boards out there because you just need PART of the tail to fit into the SUP Wheels® holder.

    Here are some important differentiators.

    1 set will carry one or two boards.

    SUP Wheels® will carry either a standard board or race board or both at the same time.

    (some carriers require two different versions for race or standard board)

    14 inch wheels will not go flat.

    These wheels can go UP a curb and not just down off a curd as shown by most carrier adds.

    SUP Wheels ® will work on the sand.

    The rubber strap is an EPDM rubber which is very very strong and UV resistant.

    The foam is also a very strong foam that is UV resistant.

    SUP Wheels® is not a generic term but a federal trademark in USA, Europe, Australia and China.

    They are made in Gulf Breeze (Pensacola), Florida.  (not China)

    We are trying to keep jobs in the USA and help out our local community.


    1 SUP-Wheels®-SUP-Carrier-4.3

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  • Corry 11.09.2012

    Will this fit a Starboard 9’5” x 33” SUP? How does it not just slide out when you begin to pull it ?

    Do you ship to Perth WA and what is cost and lead time ?


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