Riviera’s new 2013 SUP Lineup
  • Brandon Rambo describes the new lineup for 2013

    Here are some specs and photos of the new boards


    Riviera’s new lineup for 2013 has recently been released, and I thought I would put out a post about it. While this site typically caters to more advanced stand up paddlers, I really like Riviera’s boards for newbies. One of my friends here in Austin owns a SUP Shop, Austin Paddle Sports (www.austinpaddlesports.com), and I work there for him on the weekends sometimes, when he is short staffed. They carry a large assortment of boards from most of the big name brands. While I sell a little bit of everything, the two brands that move the best are Riviera, and Yolo.

    When someone is interested in an entry level board, and happen to be super cost conscious, I typically show them a Riviera. Most of these customers are comparing our boards to SUP ATX, which is ~$799 with a paddle. Riviera is a little more expensive at $850+ and a paddle, but they are built far better. They have 5 layers of 6oz glass on the rail. The SUP ATX boards we carry, look to have 1 layer of glass best case. You can see right through it to the foam. While you save a little money up front, the first time someone smacks the paddle (especially the cheap aluminum paddles people in this price range some times buy) you ding the board. Same thing if you hit any type of debris or rocks. You will puncture, or ding the board. Each time that happens, you are looking at $150 for ding repair, and before long your board starts looking like crap. I don’t say this to pretend these Riviera boards are ding proof, but they are much more resistant to them than these ultra low cost boards, such as SUP ATX.

    I also love to sell their 12’6 Voyager’s. These are perfect for larger people, or families that might want to throw a kid or dog on the front of the board. They look a lot like a race board, although they don’t perform quite the same. They are faster than a traditional planing hull (surf) SUP, but don’t compete with real race boards, and that’s OK. They aren’t supposed to. What they are is VERY stable, and comfortable. I have put 300LB men on them and they floated them fine. In addition, they have tie-downs in front and back, which mean you can use them for touring or fishing. All in all a great value for $1100. In any case, take a look at the new lineup. I bet you find something you will like.




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