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    One of my favorite things to do for this site is product reviews.  I love testing out new or improved products, especially if they fill a need I have.  While I am originally from Southern California, work has taken me to Austin Texas, where I have lived for the last 13 years.  It’s a great place to live, but it gets hot here.  Really HOT!  So, having nice raceboards can be a challenge. 

    On one hand you tend to want to go full carbon fiber to reduce weight.  On the other hand, you know that you risk severe damage to the board, not to mention burning yourself due to the unforgiving summers here.  A typical summer day is 100 degrees, and sometimes up above 108.  So ever since I started buying race boards, this has been a difficult quandry.  Joe Bark wouldn’t sell me carbon, just because he knew how risky it would be, given our conditions.  Once I started buying other boards, I decided to roll the dice and just “be careful.” 

    That challenge with doing so meant, I had to look for shade, try having the board completely painted to try and cover up the carbon (which ruins the cool look and adds weight back).  In the end, there just wasn’t a good way to deal with this, other than trying to constantly bag the board.  I tried board photo (2)socks, but they were a pain to put on and didn’t help that much.  The board bags are massive and a pain to deal with and put on and off.  So along comes Victory Kore Dry with a solution.

    I first saw this product at BOP last year, as Slater Trout had one covering his board.  I took one look and realized this thing might just solve my problem as well.  I eventually ran into the Victory guys out at Surf Expo and quizzed them on it.  It is made out of the same material they make their jersey’s out of, which means its waterproof and has great SPF protection for the board. 

    I finally decided to get one, and so far I am amazed with it.  I have been using it quite a bit, and not only is it protecting my board, it is way faster to put on and off than any board bag or board sock.  Its also small enough, I leave it in my trunk all the time.  Plus, it has allowed me to train on days I otherwise wouldn’t.  I say this because I can now leave my board out on the car while I am at work, and head straight out to the lake for a training session afterwards.  Without this, I wouldn’t be able to get a paddle in, as commute phototimes to the house, lake etc. from where I work,were preventing that.  I am still a little leary of completely trusting anything to protect my board all day in this heat, once it reaches 100+ but so far, I have been really pleased with how much cooler the board is.  The manufacturer actually claims it keeps it 30 degrees cooler.  I have no way of really testing that, so I can just tell you it is quite noticeable.  It still heats up, but nothing like it did before.

    In the end, you should still use good judgment when deciding if its safe to leave your board out in the sun, but this little topless board bag seems to buy me at least another 10 degrees or so without having to worry about it. 

    Needless to say I highly recommend this product.  Its just flat out awesome.

    SUP Gladiator Rating (out of 5)


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