Will Schmidt is at it again! – Channel Island Marathon Paddle for Wounded Warriors coming in September
  • For those of you who are just learning of my adventures as well as those who followed me in the past, Id like to extend a warm ALOHA!

    This April after surviving a near deadly battle with debilitating anxiety and depression, I shared my new lease on life with the world by stand up paddling the entirety of the Catalina Channel solo and nonstop to benefit anxiety/depression research through the Wounded Warrior Project. I successfully completed a 45.2 mile nonstop journey from Avalon, Catalina Island to Dana Point Harbor, CA on April 6th, 2013.


    Im going to take it a step further this time. Actually I plan to take this one right off the map! My crew has been picked, the boat is in order, our minds are focused, and our intentions are golden!

    This SEPTEMBER 13th, 2013, myself and the crew of the Campbell Sloop will embark on an attempt to SOLO STAND UP PADDLE THE CALIFORNIA CHANNEL ISLANDS CHAIN FROM OXNARD, CA TO DANA POINT, CA.

    You read that right! Our goal is to launch from mainland California in Oxnard and touch each of the 8 islands in the chain over the period of one week ending us back at our home harbor of Dana Point, CA. The crew of the Sloop will be close at hand as I negotiate approximately 320 NAUTICAL MILES of open ocean with nothing but a 14 foot slab of foam beneath my feet and a 7 foot paddle in my hand.

    My motivation for fundraising is my continuing efforts with the Wounded Warrior Project. I have so many friends who have come out of hot zones with severe symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Many symptoms that I suffer from as well although not military related. It is of the utmost importance that I raise awareness for those who suffer from this silent and un-diagnosable disease.

    For this particular challenge, Susan Campbell (Captain of the Sloop) has generously offered her time and vessel to me to help me complete my task. In turn, 50 percent of the funds raised from this event will go to her charity, Casa Hogar, benefiting orphaned children in Mexico.

    I will be fundraising through this month and during the event as well as an undefined period of time afterwards. I have set a goal of $30,000 however I would love to surpass it and donate as much as possible to our respective charities.

    Please, please, please feel free to donate at my GoFundMe site as well as post my link on your Facebook, and Twitter pages as well as email as many friends as you can to ask the same of them. You can visit my website AreYouInspiredYet.com for more links to the fundraising site or email me personally at Info@AreYouInspiredYet.com and I will put you on my update list for this and future events!

    ——Your favorite California Waterman, Will Schmidt—–

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