Danny Ching Set A New World Record: 200 Metres In Just 47 Seconds
  • This is absolutely unreal.  I was fortunate enough to convince Danny to do a 100 yard or so Sprint with me a few months back.  He was on a 12’6 and I was on a 19′ and he still beat me by half a board length or so.  When we crossed the line, my Speedcoach showed 8.3MPH, which was me going 100% and is possibly the fastest I had ever gone with no wind or current help.  Danny on the other hand, barely seemed winded, although he did give me grief for making him Sprint on his rest day.  🙂  Clearly he wasn’t going as hard on that day, as he did in this sprint race (in video below).  What impressed me most about that day though, is how fast he got a 12’6 going.  Well over 8MPH, and it was on one of his original Monster Boards, which are not nearly as quick as his newer boards.  
    After watching this video, I am more impressed than ever.  I have never seen anyone hold that high of a cadence, with that much power, for that long.  From the look of it, he was combining the cadence of the Tahitian Stroke, with the power and length of the Hawaiian Stroke.  He is just a beast.  I agree with the statement, “Fastest Paddler on Earth.”  
    For more info on his stroke count and cadence, see this link at SUP Racer. 

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