SUP Gladiator announces new teams and new members for 2015
  • 2015 promises to be a very big year for us here at SUP Gladiator.  As they say, go big or go home!  With that, we have discussed several changes with members of our board of advisors, and decided to make some really big changes to our team structure.  I haven’t been this excited in a really long time.  Can’t wait to get this season under way.


    Typically companies that operate race teams, or have “Team Riders” have only 1 team.  One of the main reasons for this is simplicity.  Multiple teams means more complexity.  It also means significantly more cost.  Dealing with more athletes means more product and gear we have to comp.  Trust me when I say, it gets really expensive.  Lastly, some companies keep to one team, so they can work more closely with the individual athletes.  Multiple teams, or large dispersed teams, make that difficult.

    With all of that said, we have decide to expand and change our format, in order to allow us to work with more deserving athletes, in more locations.  After speaking with some of our advisors about this goal, it became apparent the only way we could pull this off, was to limit the expansion in the first year (not bite off more than you can chew).  The other piece of feedback is that in order to do this properly, we need to have strong team captains in each of these locations.

    New Structure and New Teams

    With these new changes, we have decided to structure ours teams as folllows:

    National Team

    • This is our Tier 1 Elite Racers and Ambassadors, who compete on a National Level
    • Most of our National Team Riders, will also serve as Team Captains for Regional Teams

    National Team





    Garrett Fletcher, Rob Rojas, Joe Cerdas, Shane Perrin, Lina Augaitis

    Regional Teams

    • These are the teams comprised of regional Elite Racers and Ambassadors.
    • The regions and numbers, map directly to the WPA Regions

    Region 1 – California and surrounding areas – Team Captain is Rob Rojas

    Region 1 Team





    Trevor Bashor, Tyler Bashor, Erika Benitez, Conrad Rojas, Jack Wygal, Sean Pangalinan, Charles Webb, Will Schmidt

    Region 5 – Florida – Team Captain is Garrett Fletcher

    Region 5

    Zane Asselin, Emily Davis, Cristian Prado, Catherine Uden


    Region 7 – Hawaii

    Dalbert Rivera, and TBA

    Region 12 – Texas and surrounding states – Team Captain is Joe Cerdas

    Region 12 Team






    Ellie Cherryhomes, Hannah Elferink, Brandon Punzalan, John Fox

    #GladiatorNext Team

    • This is a brand new concept for us, which we are really excited about.
    • This team is made up of Elite Class Teen and Pre-Teen Racers, who are dominating in their class, and in some cases even challenging for overall podium spots, at the regional level.
    • The team is comprised of members from Region 1, 7, and 12.
    • Rob Rojas will be team captain for this team

    GladiatorNext Team





    Hannah Elferink, Trevor Bashor, Tyler Bashor, Erika Benitez, Conrad Rojas, Dalbert Rivera, Elijah Schoenig, Cole Vanderbroek

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