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  • We just received a great review on our new 2016 Carbon Fiber Gladiator Fins.  Check out this site for more information.

    SUP Life CA Website

    Here is a repost of the review!

    Become a SUP Gladiator


    Want to become faster and increase your SUP performance?

    Become a SUP Gladiator and add a performance fin to your board. I never thought much of how important SUP fins could be until I replaced my stock fin with a Gladiator fin. Everything felt better smoother and the overall performance was a game changer right from the start. Casey did it right this time when making a full carbon fin that tracks straight, offers amazing stability and increase board speed. If you are a SUP racer or just a paddler looking to improve your boards performance SUP Gladiator has a fin for you.

    I have the full carbon hybrid fin and I place it on every board that I decide to use for the day. If I take my 14 foot race board out it will be rocking the SUP Gladiator or decide on the 11’6 cruiser it also will be using the same fin. I look at it like this, when you buy a set of golf clubs it comes with a OK driver. If you want to drive the ball longer and straighter you have to go out and buy a special driver. This goes the same way with SUP. Most boards have a cheap or OK fin that will get you through when paddling for the most part. If you want to improve your speed, performance, stability, tracking etc you have to upgrade your fin. The best fin out on the market right now for everything mentioned above is the SUP Gladiator. So give your board a makeover and place a Gladiator fin on it and see how different your board will perform.

    For more information and to get one of these bad boys check them out at:


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