Gladiator Fins Now compatible with 2016 Starboards, Inflatables, and Bark Prone Boards
  • Starboard 2016

    We retooled our line up to support the new 2016 Starboard SUP Race and Touring boards. With the launch of this years models, the fin boxes shrunk from the standard 10″ box, to an 8″ box. This required us to re-engineer the bases of our fins to accommodate. All our fins from (except the Elite Model) now support this shorter fin box.

    Bark and similar Prone Boards

    We have also retooled our two smaller fins to work with Bark and other boards that use a 7″ fin box.  This includes the Gladiator Rage fin and the Gladiator Rojas fin.  These fins have been used in several prone boards and have gotten rave reviews.  Now with the new bases these two fins are also compatible with Bark prone boards.

    Inflatables SUPs

    Many inflatable Race and Touring SUPs are now coming with a U.S. Fin Box, which supports aftermarket fins up to 8″ in length.  Up until recently, we could only sell our smaller fins for these types of boards.  While that worked fine in some cases, our Fury and Hybrid fins are just flat out ideal for Inflatable boards, and now we can support these boards with these two fins.

    How to order

    When you are on our online store, just select “Short Base for Starboard/Inflatable” when you are choosing your fin.  This way we can make sure you get the version of the fin that is most ideal for your needs.

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